Auschwitz Album at Yad Vashem

This clip, from the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, depicts sections from the "Auschwitz Album," donated by Lilly Jacob-Zelmanovic Meier.  Lilly Jacob found the album, with its pictures, in an abandoned SS barracks. 

Yad Vashem's web site describes the Auschwitz Album, in part, as follows:

18-year-old Lilly Jacob was deported with her family, and most of the Jews of Hungary, in the spring of 1944. On the ramp at Auschwitz she was brutally separated from her parents and younger brothers; she never saw any of them again. She was lucky and survived; yet, she was not always convinced of the blessing of having survived totally alone, bereft of family, friends and her world.

Unlike all of the other survivors, she was granted a small miracle. On the day of her liberation, in the Dora concentration camp hundreds of miles from Auschwitz, she found in the deserted SS barracks a photo album. It contained, among others, pictures of her family and friends as they arrived on the ramp and unknowingly awaited their death. It was a unique tie to what once had been, could never return, and could never be rebuilt.

It was also, as we now know, the only photographic evidence of Jews arriving in Auschwitz or any other death camp.

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Yad Vashem clip online, courtesy Yad Vashem's channel at YouTube.

Quoted passage, from Yad Vashem's web site on the Auschwitz Album.


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