Virginia Tech Massacre - Austin Cloyd

 Austin Cloyd
By Jennifer Aguilar


The water where I enjoyed swimming day to day

Is where I used to be free.

I remember being happy, laughing,

The feeling I got running down a basketball court

Or spiking a ball into the ground.

The sounds of screaming crowds, loud whistles,

Slowly but surely turn to cries of sorrow,

Not scream of joy, but of terror, screeching, horrid.

Gunshots fill my head.

My plans of near future, my love and I,

Our happy family, sitting in our backyard

With our bright children.

These memories, taken away, a theft of non-existence,

By a familiar but deep, dark stranger.

Whether it was the trumpets playing loudly,

Or the shot drilling into my heart, it came, all so soon.

I was left in the silent darkness,

Everything black as night.

I saved lives of drowning ones, and now, here I lie,

Drowning, in a water so thick and red,

In my sea of lonely.

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