This U.S. Army Rangers photo depicts an MH-60L Black Hawk helicopter, known as Super 6-4, being piloted by Chief Warrant Officer Michael J. Durant. It is in the skies above Mogadishu on October 3, 1993. Not long after this photo was taken, Super 6-4 was struck by a Somali RPG (rocket-propelled grenade).


No dead or wounded soldiers are left behind. That's the rule.

Sometimes a wounded soldier is taken prisoner, or a dead soldier's body is grabbed by an angry mob, before a rescue team arrives. But everything humanly possible is done to get everyone out.

In order to rescue the crew of "Super 61", the crash site had to be secured. But how was that to happen with angry Somalis, in overwhelming numbers, encircling a small group of soldiers?

Elite or not, the Americans were at a serious disadvantage.

Ignoring the odds against them, U.S. troops figured out a rescue plan for Wolcott and his crew. Every soldier knew he could be the next to die as each man went in to secure the site.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Another Black Hawk - "Super 64" piloted by CWO3 (Chief Warrant Officer 3) Mike Durant - was ALSO hit and went down.

An urban battle was about to ensue.

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