C.S. Lewis became internationally famous by the time he'd published the first of seven Narnian books. But he was already famous in Britain.

During World War II, his voice was the second-most-recognized voice of the BBC (after Winston Churchill's), through a series of live radio broadcasts (beginning in 1941.) The content of Mere Christianity, a book widely available today, originally aired as fifteen-minute BBC broadcasts. In fact, the first part of the book (The Case for Christianity) was published in Britain as Broadcast Talks.

Diligently trying to answer letters from his "fans," Jack "met" a bright American woman whose penetrating, thoughtful analysis impressed him. Joy Davidman Gresham was capable of matching wits with the famous writer - a skill not many people could claim.

Joy, the mother of two young sons, possessed a keen mind.  Her intellectual insights greatly aided her straightforward, get-to-the-point manner. 

A former Jewish communist, and award-winning poet, she had converted to Christianity largely on the basis of Jack's analytical writings.  Although she did not agree with all his points, she publicly credited Jack with helping her rethink religious beliefs.

She also helped him rethink his romantic life.

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