Battle of Britain - Death and Dogfights

"Worrying too much about the loss of friends," recalls Bob Foster - a Hurricane pilot - "you're going to go yourself."  The pilots' fear of death was shared by the women they'd left at home.

The RAF - despite Goering's hope - was not defeated.  The Women's Auxiliary Air Force contributed greatly to that result, as the WAAFs (using Britain's secret weapon - radar) helped to coordinate the fighters.

As the Blitz continued, and German planes kept dropping bombs over Britain, Hitler still wanted a decisive victory.  Goering, however, had badly misjudged the situation.  According to Heinz Cramer, a Luftwaffe bomber pilot:

Goering misjudged the capacity of the Luftwaffe and the possibilities open to us in England ... One must say, he misjudged them [the British people].  There was a lot of talk about the tough cat that only needed one or two blows.  That was held up.  But that tough cat needed considerably more than the few blows we were able to execute. 

Despite Britain's defenses, however, hundreds and hundreds of German planes reached the capital.  London's dockyards, oil tanks, warehouses and homes erupted in smoke and flames as wave after wave of enemy bombers flew over the city. 

Day after day, terrified Londoners saw more and more of their city destroyed.  Rescuers, hoping to find people instead of bodies, combed through the rubble.  More often than not, they were disappointed.  

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Media Credits

Clip from "The Battle of Britain," a documentary of the London Blitz which began on September 7, 1940.

Executive Producer:

Guido Knopp


Ralf Piechowiak
Alexander Berkel

Clip online, courtesy YouTube.



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