Battle of Hastings - The Foot Soldier's Viewpoint

What would it have been like for Britain's foot soldiers to fight in the Battle of Hastings, during 1066? 

Before we can answer that question, we have to realize that it wasn't just the Battle at Hastings to which those men were summoned. Before Hastings, the same foot soldiers - from Sussex - were summoned to defend England's coast in the North (against Vikings) at the Battle of Stamford Bridge (in East Yorkshire).

Two chaps named Tofi and Leofric are among the men summoned from their homes.  By the time they've helped to defeat the Vikings, however, the men have to travel again - by foot - to the South of England where their own homes are threatened.

Who were the men who fought these real-life battles of "Middle Earth?"

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Clip from BBC production, on the Battle of Hastings, entitled "1066:  The Battle for Middle Earth."  Copyright, BBC, all rights reserved.  Embedded link to YouTube.


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