Battle of Thermopylae - Results

Ephialtes, having betrayed his own side, told the Persians how to outflank Leonidas.  Under cover of darkness, Xerxes' men circled behind the Spartans for the final part of the battle of Thermopylae.  When Leonidas fell, his men rushed to protect his body from desecration by the Persians.  The protection was only temporary.

The Persian ruler was astonished that 300 Spartans had fought so hard for an ideal - for freedom.  But their courage inspired the rest of Greece to resist Xerxes.  When the battle of Salamis was over, Xerxes' plan to defeat Greece was no longer possible.

History tells us that the results of all the fighting had been predicted by the Oracle of Delphi: 

A Spartan king had died and a Persian king had been defeated.   

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Clip from a documentary by the BBC, online courtesy ChaossHellas Channel at YouTube.


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