Battle of Waxhaws - Buford's Massacre

Battle of Waxhaws-Buford's Massacre

In this disastrous battle, from the patriots’ perspective, a tired and outnumbered British force (led by Banastre Tarleton) routed the Americans (led by Abraham Buford) near the border of North and South Carolina.  The battle took place on the 29th of May, 1780.  Since so many Americans were killed, it is also described as "Buford’s Massacre." 

According to the National Park Service:

The Continentals lose 113 killed and 203 captured, the great majority of these prisoners being wounded.  British losses total 19 men and 31 horses killed or wounded.  The defeat becomes a propaganda victory for the Continentals as they exploit the “massacre” that ensued.

Depicted in The Patriot (a 2000 film starring Mel Gibson), the battle of Waxhaws provides the scene in which Gabriel Martin (played by Heath Ledger) is injured.

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Image, U.S. National Archives.


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