Beethoven's 5th Symphony - Graphical Score Animation

It is amazing how the score of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony appears in animated fashion - with the various parts of the orchestra playing at their appointed time.  

This is a graphical score animation, created by Smalin whose work appears on YouTube. (This color-coordinated chart depicts the instruments involved in the animation.)

How was this video made?  Smalin tells us what he did:

There were a lot of steps; here's a short summary. I found a recording I could license and made the arrangements to use it. I found a MIDI file that was fairly complete, and imported that into the notation program Sibelius.

I compared it to a printed copy of the score from my library and fixed things that were wrong (b5_fullscore.pdf is a snapshot taken during this process; note that there was a piano part in the MIDI file --- not something in the real score). Then, I listened to the recording and compared that to the score, and modified the score so that the timings were more like what the orchestra was actually playing (see b5_timings_adjusted.pdf).

I exported this as a MIDI file and ran it through my custom frame-rendering software. Then, I made a "reduction" of the score (b5_reduction.pdf) and colored it to match the colors I was planning to use in the bar-graph score (b5_reduction_color.pdf).

Unfortunately, when I squished the bar-graph score enough to make room for the notation score, too much detail was lost, so I ended up deciding not to use the notation.

Then I put all the pieces (rendered frames, audio, titles) together in Adobe Premiere and exported the movie as a QuickTime file.

Then, I used On2 Flix to convert the final file into Flash format (so that YouTube's conversion to their Flash format wouldn't change it in unpredictable ways), and uploaded the result. The PDFs mentioned in this description are in this ZIP file.

For more musical animations, from composers such as Beethoven's favorite - G.F. Handel - check out Smalin's Channel at YouTube.

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Original Release: Dec 02, 2014

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Media Credits

Video composed and online, courtesy Smalin's Channel at YouTube.


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