Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Becomes a 4-Star General

Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. retired as an Air Force Lieutenant General in 1970. He had served his country, with distinction, for many decades.

Twenty-eight years later, President Clinton awarded Davis a fourth star—making him a full General of the Air Force—at a White House ceremony in December of 1998. Twenty of the Tuskegee Airmen, who had served under Davis during WWII, were at the White House to witness their former commander receive his honor.

Donning the distinctive red jacket associated with Tuskegee Airmen—because of the red tails on their military planes—President Clinton honored Davis with these (among other) words:

He earned this honor a long time ago. I am very, very proud, General Davis, of your service. I thank you on behalf of all Americans.

This image depicts the moment when General Davis received his fourth star.

In 2015, when West Point announced that a new six-story barracks would be named to honor General Davis, one of the original Tuskegee Airmen, Needham Jones, commented on how Davis' leadership positively impacted his men:

"He tried to tell us that it was not going be easy, because we had not been accepted as full citizens of the United States," said Needham Jones, 96, who served under Davis in the 99th Pursuit Squadron in ground support and the motor pool.

"He said, 'Don't you let nobody tell you — don't you never believe — that you are inferior to anybody else,' ... it meant a [heck] of a lot to us," Jones said.

General Davis remains an inspiration to people even though he is no-longer alive.

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Original Release: Aug 22, 2015

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Photo of General Davis receiving his fourth star, from President Clinton, by Greg Gibson/AP. Online via The Army Times.


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