Bill James - 1985 Interview, Part 3

This clip of an Armed Forces Network (AFN) Europe broadcast features Bill James and his sabermetrics approach to studying Major-League Baseball (MLB).   

The picture, which accompanies the clip, was taken in Switzerland during June of 1985 (when the interviews were recorded).  It depicts (from left to right):  Tracy Thibeau (the AFN interviewer), Dallas Adams (a baseball statistician) and Bill James (who also plays a key role in Moneyball, the book and movie).

One of Bill James' observations, about MLB, is:  "A walk is as good as a hit."  We hear him say that in this segment of the AFN broadcast recording.

NOTE:  To distinguish which of the speakers is Bill James, listen for the deepest voice.

Media Credits

Clip of AFN's June, 1985 recorded interview with Bill James, online courtesy Tracy Thibeau and Armed Forces Network (via YouTube).


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