Bill James - 1985 Interview about Sabermetrics

Bill James is an Army veteran.  Drafted in 1971, he thought he'd spend a tour of duty in Vietnam but went to Korea instead.

During a trip to Switzerland, in June of 1985, he agreed to do an interview - with an Armed Forces Network Europe (AFN) reporter - about his method of analyzing Major-League Baseball statistics. 

Specialist Tracy Thibeau questioned Bill about "sabermetrics" - the method by which Bill uses performance stats to value players and make other assessments about the game.  Joining him in that interview was Bill's friend, Dallas Adams.

The interviews took place after Thibeau agreed to travel to Switzerland - at his own expense and using his own leave time - and Captain Tom Leahy, then the Commander of AFN Bremerhaven, agreed to listen to the interviews (to decide if they were worthy of broadcast time).

This clip is one of the AFN broadcast segments. 

NOTE:  The person with the deepest voice is Bill James.  He plays a key role in Moneyball (the book and the film).

Media Credits

Clip of AFN's June, 1985 recorded interview with Bill James, online courtesy Tracy Thibeau and Armed Forces Network (via YouTube).


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