Birthplace of Robert Louis Stevenson - 8 Howard Place

Birthplace of Robert Louis Stevenson - 8 Howard Place Biographies Nineteenth Century Life Victorian Age Geography

In 1850, Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland at the home of his parents located at 8 Howard Place.

This image depicts that home, situated in the part of Edinburgh known as "New Town."

Although he loved his home town, R.L.S. did not like Edinburgh's weather. He tells us why not in Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes (which he published in 1879):

...Edinburgh pays cruelly for her high seat in one of the vilest climates under heaven. She is liable to be beaten upon by all the winds that blow, to be drenched with rain, to be buried in cold sea fogs out of the east, and powdered with the snow as it comes flying southward from the Highland hills.

The weather is raw and boisterous in winter, shifty and ungenial in summer, and a downright meteorological purgatory in the spring. (From Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes, included in Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson published by Delphi Classics in 2015, at page 4008.)

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