Blows Must Decide - American Colonies Rebel

Britain has successfully fought a very costly war in the American colonies - the French and Indian War - but now the Americans are rebelling against their mother country.  People in England see this as a betrayal.

Although not all the colonists agree that a revolt against Britain is in the best interests of all the colonies, the Continental Congress moves forward to break the ties with Britian. 

George Washington (a Virginian) is appointed Commander-in-Chief to lead an "army" of men who are (at least initially) from Massachusetts.  Blows, between the mother country and her colonies, must now decide the future of America.

Media Credits

"The American Revolution," a 1994 production by Greystone Communications and hosted by Bill Kurtis, embedded here via YouTube.


See, also:  PBS, Liberty Series, Episode 2:  "Blows Must Decide" 1774-1776.


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