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Photograph of Robert F. Kennedy taken on August 19, 1964 by Warren K. Leffler. Image online courtesy the U.S. Library of Congress.  


Robert didn't come to us and tell us what was good for us.
He came to us and asked us two questions:
"What do you want? And how can I help?"
That's why we loved him.

Dolores HuertaNational Farm Workers Association 

Sometimes the impact of a single event is so catastrophic that a person’s life is forever changed. Such an event happened to Robert Francis Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963.

He was home, eating lunch, when he took the phone call. Bobby’s older brother Jack, then President of the United States, had been shot in Dallas. Grievously wounded, with a massive head injury, the President could not survive.

Seventh of nine children, Robert Kennedy had lived in his brother’s shadow most of his life. He oriented his career to support Jack, successfully managing political campaigns and doing what was asked of him. Now his closest friend, ally and confidant was dying - and Bobby wasn’t there.

The death of the President plunged Bob Kennedy (as he preferred to be called) into profound grief and sadness. Trying to understand the enormity of his loss, the future presidential candidate transformed his views on important issues.

Now identifying with suffering people, he spoke out against injustice. Critics thought he was opportunistic; supporters believed his ideas could change America.

Then ... Bobby was also assassinated. 

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