Bobby Kennedy - Summary

After President Kennedy dies, his brother Bobby is devastated. Trying to help him deal with the grief, Jackie Kennedy tells her brother-in-law to read the books of Edith Hamilton.

 Taking Jackie's advice, Bobby reads The Greek Way. Then he begins to study Greek poets, memorizing passages which give him comfort. His favorite poet becomes Aeschylus, who writes (in the Oresteia) that man must live by a “law” which includes pain and suffering.

Reading the Greek poets helps Bobby to change his political philosophy. Doing the right thing, even when it isn't popular, becomes the theme of his most famous speeches.

On March 16, 1968 - about two weeks before President Johnson stunned the country when he says, “I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President” - Robert Kennedy announces his candidacy for the Democratic nomination. A few weeks later, while in Indianapolis, Bobby learns that his friend, Martin Luther King, Jr., has been assassinated. In one of his most memorable speeches, Bobby delivers the shocking news to a gathered crowd.

Two months later, Bobby wins the California Democratic primary. His wife, Ethel, is with him as he addresses supporters at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. After his speech, RFK is guided off the podium to meet with the waiting press corps.

Talking with Andrew West, of KRKD in Los Angeles, Bobby suddenly stops answering a question. Listening to the live interview, one can hear the confusion of a developing, urgent situation. Robert Francis Kennedy has been fatally shot.

In this story about Bobby Kennedy, step back in time to 1968, a turbulent year in American history. Meet the Senator from New York and hear several of his most famous speeches. Watch a video of his acceptance speech, given just before he was assassinated.

Examine photographic evidence, including bullet holes in Bobby's clothing. Learn whether the coroner believed that Sirhan Sirhan fired the fatal shot.

Review the FBI report. Uncover why all lawyers at Sirhan's trial believed the accused was not faking when he remembered nothing about the shooting. And ... discover why facts about the fatal shot are still disputed today.


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