Bonhoeffer - Opposes Hitler

On the 30th of January, 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.  Two days later, Dietrich Bonhoeffer - just shy of his 27th birthday - voiced his concerns, on German radio, about the new leader.  Speaking to a national audience, Bonhoeffer intimated that Hitler was mocking God.  Before he could finish his talk, the broadcast was cut short.

This is a clip from "Bonhoeffer," a 2003 documentary about the life of the young theologian who had the courage to speak out against the Nazi regime.  According to its producers:

"Bonhoeffer" is a 93-minute documentary film that tells the dramatic story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the young German theologian who offered one of the first clear voices of resistance to Adolf Hitler. Bonhoeffer openly challenged his church to stand with the Jews in their time of need, and eventually joined his family in the plots to kill Hitler. His books, Cost of Discipleship, Letters and Papers from Prison, and Ethics, were written during the struggle and are considered classics in the world of religion and ethics.

Searching through various archives, the producers found rare historical footage and spoke with Bonhoeffer's family:

Extensive research in archives both in Europe and the US yielded extraordinary archival footage, including a speech by Hitler praying for God's blessing on him and the German people and Bonhoeffer family footage that features the only known moving footage of Dietrich. The production team was also given access to never-before-seen personal and family photographs that help bring visual context to Bonhoeffer's life.

This segment of the documentary, featuring archival footage of Hitler's rise to power, helps to explain Bonhoeffer's increasing concerns about the German Chancellor and his ultimate resistance against the Nazi regime.

Media Credits

Clip from "Bonhoeffer," a documentary film by Martin Doblmeier, released by First Run Features.  Online, courtesy First Run Features Channel at YouTube.


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