Boxing Mural From Acrotiri

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This image depicts a fresco from a house on the island of Santorini (also known as Thera).  

In remarkably good condition, the fresco was likely impacted when debris from a violent volcanic eruption on the island (probably in the 16th century BC) covered (but preserved) the art work.  (A similar situation happened in Pompeii, turning the ancient town, and its frescoes, into a modern living museum.)

The island has many other well-preserved frescoes.  The “boxing boys fresco” was discovered by Spiros Marinatos (a Greek archaeologist) at the Akrotiri site on Santorini (Thera).  It was located in a building known as “House B.”

Click on the image for a better view of the boy on the right who, though landing a hook, has also exposed himself to a right jab from his opponent.

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Image online via Wikimedia Commons.




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