Briefing Memo - Recommendations

As part of their report on a mission to South Vietnam, McNamara and Taylor recommended to President Kennedy that a training program be established so that most Americans could leave South Vietnam by the end of 1965. 

Among other things, set forth in their October 2, 1963 report, were these words:

We recommend that:
2.  A program be established to train Vietnamese so that essential functions now performed by U.S. military personnel can be carried out by Vietnamese by the end of 1965.  It should be possible to withdraw the bulk of U.S. personnel by that time.

3.  In accordance with the program to train progressively Vietnamese to take over military functions, the Defense Department should announce in the very near future presently prepared plans to withdraw 1000 U.S. military personnel by the end of 1963. This action should be explained in low key as an initial step in a long-term program to replace U.S. personnel with trained Vietnamese without impairment of the war effort.

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Page from Memorandum for the President, "Report of McNamara-Taylor Mission to South Vietnam," 2 October 1963.  Image online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.




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