Brighton Bombing - 1984

Patrick Magee, a member of the IRA, visited the Grand Hotel in Brighton about a month before the Conservative Party held its annual conference there in October of 1984.  During his stay, Magee planted a bomb beneath his bathroom. 

When the bomb went off, during the conference, five people were killed and thirty-four were seriously injured.  Margaret and Denis Thatcher were unharmed.

This clip, from a BBC documentary - "The Downing Street Years" - incorporates historic footage of the bombing and its aftermath.  It also includes interviews with people who were present, or injured, at the time.

Macgee, convicted of planting the bomb, was sentenced to eight terms of life imprisonment.  He was released in 1999, however, as a result of the Good Friday Agreement.

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Clip, from a BBC documentary - "The Downing Street Years" - copyright, BBC, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to aquaint new viewers with the four-hour program.


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