Buccaneers - Early Years, c. 1630

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In this image, the artist has imagined how buccaneers from the early period - circa 1630 - may have appeared at Hispaniola.

Reports about buccaneers, and their clothing, were poignant.  They were said to resemble:

...the butcher's vilest servants who have been eight days in the slaughterhouse without washing themselves.

In the background of this illustration, we see a Spanish patrol.  Those patrols, typically mounted, depended on local Arawak scouts who served as guides.

Angus McBride created this work.  It appears at page 22 in Scourge of the Seas:  Buccaneers, Pirates and Privateers by Angus Konstam (published by Osprey).  The book was previously published, also by Osprey, as Elite 69:  Buccaneers 1620-1700.

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Image, described above, online via Amazon.  Copyright Osprey Publishing, all rights reserved.  Image provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new readers with the book and its illustrations.   


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