Buffalo Soldiers - U.S. "Colored Troops"

Buffalo Soldiers - U.S.

This photograph - Buffalo Soldiers, Ft. Keogh, Missouri, 25th Infantry [thirty-eight soldiers wearing buffalo robes] - was taken by Charles Barthelmess. 

The Library of Congress describes the picture, its caption and time frame as follows:

The federal government disbanded most of the United States Colored Troops after the Civil War although some continued to patrol in the West. Native Americans called African American troops the "Buffalo Soldiers." After the Compromise of 1877, when federal troops were withdrawn from the South, only a few African American units remained, including the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry units and the Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth Infantry. Many of these troops were mobilized to fight in the Spanish-American War.

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Image, courtesy Library of Congress, Gladstone Collection.


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