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Fighting a war with Sweden, known as the "Northern War," Peter the Great needed a fort on the Neva Delta. He selected the island of Enisaari (which Russians call Zayachii Ostrov).

The Tsar wanted to closely inspect the building process at the site which would ultimately become the city of St. Petersburg. He ordered the building of a wooden cabin for himself (which was the first home in the new town).

Soldiers and peasants worked hard, long hours to build the fort. The fortress (St. Peter's and Paul's) was founded on the 16th of May, 1703 (old-school dating) which became the city's official birthday. (That date is May 27, 1703 on the modern calendar).

As the summer wore on, the primitive conditions impacting the workers took a significant toll. Good housing did not exist, the climate was damp and food was in short supply. Despite the bad conditions, the work had to continue because the war with Sweden had not ended.

This image depicts Peter the Great as he studied the blueprints for building the fort and the town which would bear his name.

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