Burning of Atlanta - U.S. Civil War

The effects of Sherman's "March to the Sea," and the deadly burning of Atlanta, are graphically recreated in this clip from "Gone with the Wind."  Watching the devastation, Rhett Butler (one of the lead characters in the film, played by Clark Gable) observes that life in the South would never be the same. 

Note that the movie, based on Margaret Mitchell's book of the same name, tells the story of America's War Between the States from the viewpoint of a land-owning, slave-possessing white Southern family.

Media Credits

Clip from "Gone with the Wind" - 1939

Victor Fleming

Uncredited Directors

George Cukor
Sam Wood

David O. Selznick

Based on the Novel

by Margaret Mitchell

Sidney Howard

Uncredited Writers

Ben Hecht
Jo Swerling
John Van Druten
Oliver H.P. Garrett

Clark Gable
Vivien Leigh
Leslie Howard
Olivia de Havilland
Hattie McDaniel

Max Steiner

Ernest Haller

Selznick International Pictures


Release dates  
December 15, 1939 - Atlanta premiere
December 19 - New York City premiere
December 28 - Los Angeles premiere
January 17, 1940 - US General Release

Running time
224 minute

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