Amistad Incident - CAPTURED AGAIN

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Crew members of the Peter G. Washington, owned by the U.S. government and serving as a Coast Survey Brig in August of 1839, found several Amistad captives on the shore of Long Island Sound, near Culloden Point.  Image online, courtesy NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  PD


Late in August, 1839, several Amistad captives were on shore near Culloden Point, in the eastern part of Long Island Sound, trying to barter for food.

Conditions on the ship were atrocious; most folks were starving. The Africans were spotted by a naval officer, Lt. Thomas Gedney from the Peter G. Washington, who boarded the ship with his colleagues.

Shocked by what they found, the officers located Ruiz and Montez who told their story. At the time, 54 Africans were still alive, including the four children. A federal cutter brought them to New London, Connecticut.

Spain wanted the "slaves" returned. Huge political issues were at stake. If the Amistad mutineers went unpunished, what would happen if other slaves rebelled?

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