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Guy Hendrix Dyas, a BAFTA-winning production designer, created this image of “Whitehall Palace on the Thames” for the film “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.” Copyright, Guy Hendrix Dyas, all rights reserved. Image online via Junsui Films and provided here to acquaint new viewers with both the work of the artist and the production company. Click on the image for an awesome view.


Elizabeth basked in the glory of her country's victory. A medal, commemorating both the event and the weather  which aided the British, states:

God blew and they were scattered

on the front side, and

I [the Church of England] am assailed not injured

on the reverse.

Other medals were struck, as were coins with mocking words  and a Julius-Caesar-inspired twist:

Whereupon moneys were stamped, some in memory thereof with a fleete flying with full sayles, and this inscription, VENIT, VIDIT, FUGIT, that is, IT CAME, IT SAW, IT FLED ... (Camden, Annales Rerum Angliae et Hiberniae Regnante Elizabetha, 1588, Section 32)

Although the Armada was defeated, Elizabeth and Philip II did not make peace in their lifetime. That came in August of 1604, when their successors (James VI/I for Elizabeth) and Philip III (for his father, Philip II) sent representatives to meet at Somerset House. There both sides signed the Treaty of London.

Fourteen years later, the new king ordered a familiar end for one of Elizabeth's old favorites: Sir Walter Raleigh.

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