Water for Elephants - CIRCUS PERFORMERS from the 1930s

Flying acrobats, always a major-attraction at a circus, were huge stars during the 1930s.  This image, from the U.S. National Archives, depicts Antoinette Concello—and a male partner—on the "flying trapeze."


In Water for Elephants, Marlena is the star performer in the Benzini Bros. Circus.  Before she meets Jacob Jankowski, she is married to August (the owner, trainer and principal act-creator for the traveling troupe).

Although Benzini Brothers is a fictional company, the story is based on the reality of circus life in the 1930s.  Who were some of the performers at that time?

Some of the most-loved circus performers are the animals.  In Water for Elephants, it could be said that Rosie steals the show. 

In the 1930s, there actually was a real-life, circus-performing Asian elephant named "Rosie."  Let's investigate what made her so famous.

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