Image of a dugout home in Pie Town, New Mexico, as it appeared in October of 1940. Photo by Russell Lee who was working on behalf of the Farm Security Administration. Mt. Allegro appears in the background. Online via the Library of Congress.


Although most photos depicting the Great Depression are black-and-white, America's Library of Congress has a series of color transparencies which have been digitized.  Photographers employed by the Farm Security Administration (also known as the FSA, which later merged with the Office of War Information) took the slides between 1939 and 1943. 

Providing a glimpse into the lives of people enduring hardship, while sharing family love, these amazing FSA pictures are part of an exhibit which the Library calls "Bound for Glory:  America in Color."  Take a look at someof the exhibit's 70 featured photos (and learn the stories behind the pictures):

These colored pictures are just a sampling of the FSA's photographs depicting Americans during the Great Depression.  What were the causes of that catastrophic economic decline which adversely impacted the well-being of so many people?

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