Cabanatuan Chow Line Drawing

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When the Cabanatuan prisoners of war were rescued, in January of 1945, they were sick and emaciated.  They never had enough food for all the years they were imprisoned at the camp.

This image, by one of the camp's POWs, depicts the "chow line" (such as it was).  We learn more about it from the drawing's description:

Chow Line at Cabanatuan

A typical chow line scene at Cabanatuan, notice the worried look on the face of third and fourth men in the line.  They are afraid the food will be gone by the time they get to the server.

(This pencil drawing was found under the cat-walk of one of the barracks at Cabanatuan, by one of the Rangers who went into release the Prisoners of War there in early 1945.  Artist Unknown.)

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Media Credits

Drawing online, courtesy Robert H. Cowan and the Battle of Batan (a website honoring his father, Hank Cowan, a Cabanatuan survivor).




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