Can Athletics Help to Transform Behavior?

Once known as the “Terror of Torrance,” for his bad behavior, Louis Zamperini changed his life when his brother recommended that he should take-up athletics.

Zamp, as he was known to his friends, began to run all over town. Never timing himself, he had no idea how fast he really was - until he started winning races.

While he was still the “Terror of Torrance,” Louie’s grades had slipped. Not high-enough to get into college, he had make-up work to do:

I had to make up my grades, so I went to summer school, became student body president, had to study even harder, and finally got my grades up to par.

With a new purpose in his life, Zamp improved his running time. By May of 1934, he set a new record for the national interscholastic mile.  His time - 4.21 and two-tenths - stood, unbroken, for eighteen years.

How did athletics help to transform Zamperini’s behavior?

If athletics could help Zamp to change his life, can athletics help others to change their lives, too?  How would that work?

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