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Do you know Captain Cook is more important than you? Well because he was the first person from Europe to go to the Hawaiian Islands and I’ll tell you how, if only you keep on reading! Captain Cook did his first voyage to Hawaii then he went away but he came back then he was killed there. Captain Cook is pretty much more important then you … for now.                                                                                                         

Captain Cook found the Hawaiian Islands in the late 1778 and went there to discover it. Captain Cook was a European that went to the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaiians welcomed Captain Cook with gifts like pigs, bananas, and kapa (bark clothes). But the Hawaiians thought Captain Cook was god Lono so maybe that might have affected how the Hawaiians treated him. Also Captain Cook gave some things to the Hawaiians as well, he gave them three goats, two English pigs, and seeds to plant melons, pumpkins, and onions. The Hawaiians traded stuff like chickens, taro, and corn with Captain Cook.

Captain Cook had to go navigate to other places even though the Hawaiians wanted him to stay. Then he had a bit-broken ship so he came back. So the Hawaiians were going to celebrate that Captain Cook came back to Hawaii. But the Hawaiians cancelled it and he didn’t get mad. But when the Hawaiians stole a small boat (probably because they were curious) then Captain Cook got mad and kidnapped then killed the important Chief “Kalani’opu’u’.                                                                                                                                     

When he kidnaped and killed the important chief “Kalani’opu’u, the Hawaiians got mad and got into a big fight with Captain Cook and the rest of his crew. Captain Cook got stabbed in the neck but some of his crew got away and left Captain Cook on Kealakua bay. He died at 50 years old.          

Captain Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands and went there two times. The first and second voyages to Hawaii were very different. On the second voyage Captain Cook died because of the incident with the Hawaiians. Captain Cook’s life ended on 1779 by the Hawaiians on Kealakua bay, which is on the largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Overall, this was how, and why Captain Cook became the first European on the Hawaiian Islands. 

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