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"Captain Cook ", headshot of Captain Cook , http://travelcafe.co.nz/features/cruises/mv-reef-endeavour-discovery-cultural-cruise-days-northern-fiji/, Public Domain.

Did you know that Captain Cook died because of angry Hawaiians? Keep reading to find out why angry Hawaiians killed Captain Cook! The main idea is that Captain Cook was killed because he killed one of the Hawaiian chiefs so, for punishment Hawaiians killed Captain Cook. The first to make contact with Hawaiians was Captain Cook and when he was there the Hawaiians treated him like a god but then he left to navigate some places. When he came back he also killed a chief so Captain Cook died for punishment.

The first European to observe the Polynesian culture was Captain Cook. He was also the first European to find Hawaii on January 18, 1778. Captain Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands by luck. Captain Cook named the Hawaiian Islands the “Sandwich Islands’’ because our islands are so close to each other. When the Hawaiians still liked Captain Cook, if he said something they would do it for him.

The Hawaiians treated Captain Cook like he was very important. Whenever the Hawaiians treated him they were giving him professional treatment.     

People from Captain Cook’s ship fought with the people ashore. Captain Cook navigated and explored the south pacific. Captain Cook navigated 3 times to different islands.           

Captain cook died when he was 50 a years old. He died because of what he had done to a Hawaiian chief. He had died because he fired a bomb at the Hawaiian chief that lead to killing the chief. Captain Cook was punished by death. He died on February 14,1779 on the Big Island. Captain Cook’s monument is on the Big Island at Kealakekua Bay which is where he was killed. The reason why Hawaiians killed Captain Cook was because Captain Cook killed one of their royal Hawaiian chiefs. Native Hawaiians did not like Captain Cook for what he had done to the Hawaiian chief.     

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