Captain John Rogers, Sr. - Best Dive Bomber

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John Rogers, Sr., was one of the original members of the 99th Pursuit Squadron.  He was well-known for his outstanding ability as a dive bomber. 

According to the inscription on this contemporary photo, now maintained at Chanute Air Museum:

This is Jack Rogers, the best dive bomber pilot in the business.

Already a pilot before he joined the military, Rogers became a Cook County Judge after he returned from the war. 

Graduating from the University of Chicago Law School, he married Jewel Stradford, the first female to graduate from the same law school who had a very distinguished career inher own right.  (She was initially not allowed to become a member of the Chicago Bar Association because of her race.)

Of his time as a Tuskegee airman, Rogers says:

We were a tight group. We stuck together and watched each others' backs, and that is why we were so successful proving folks wrong.

Rogers was still alive when Red Tails was released.  He still loves to fly and told an interviewer (Wendell Hutson):

I hope there are planes in heaven I can fly, because you know how much I love to fly.

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Media Credits

Photo of John Rogers, Sr., by armament officer William Thompson, maintained by Chanute Air Museum.


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