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Image of a drawing, called A Captive, from E.J. Glave, The Slave-Trade in the Congo Basin.

In Savage Africa tells us more about the device which is immobilizing this man.  It is another work by E.J. Glave, published in 1892.  At page 190 Glave, who lived in the Congo area for about six years, writes:

At every village bands of slaves were offered for sale; it would be difficult to give a truthful picture of the suffering endured by the captives in this region.  They are  hobbled with roughly hewn logs which chafe their limbs to open sores; sometimes a whole tree presses its weight on their bodies while their necks are penned into the natural prong formed by its branching limbs.  
After suffering this captivity for a short time they become mere skeletons.  All ages, of both sexes, are to be seen:  mothers with their babes; young men and women; boys and girls; and even babies who cannot yet walk, and whose mothers have died of starvation, or perhaps been killed by the Lufembe.  One seldom sees either old men or old women; they are all killed in the raids; their marketable value being very small, no trouble is taken with them.  (Glave, at page 190.)

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Image - entitled “A Captive” - from E.J. Glave, The Slave-Trade in the Congo Basin.  Illustrated after sketches from life by the author (The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, 1889-1890), vol. 39, pp. 824-838.  Online, as shown at Slavery Images (image reference C011) compiled by Jerome Handler and Michael Tuite, and sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and the University of Virginia Library.




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