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This image depicts a page from the Illuminated Chronicle, also known as Manuscript (Cod. Lat. 404).  

A national treasure for the country of Hungary, the work is maintained at National Széchényi Library, in Budapest.

The Web Gallery tells us more about this important Hungarian manuscript:

The illumination depicts the Capture of Gyula.

Who was Gyula?  According to The Deeds of the Hungarians (Gesta Hungarorum of Anonymus), he was captured by his maternal uncle, King St. Stephen, for religious reasons:

Zumbor begat the younger Geula [Gyula], father of Bua and Bucna, during whose time the holy King Stephen subjugated to himself the land of Transylvania and led Geula in fetters to Hungary and held him imprisoned for all the days of his life because he was false in faith and refused to be a Christian and did many things against the holy King Stephen, even though he was of the line of his mother. (The Gesta Hungarorum of Anonymus, the Anonymous Notary of King Béla.)

Also known as “Iula,” or “Gyula the Younger,” Gyula III may have ruled in Transylvania between c. 980  - 1003/1004.  

Although the work we see, at the top of this page, is a national treasure in Hungary, not much is known about the featured individual.

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