Challenger and the Last Crew

This NASA graphic highlights the Space Shuttle Challenger, her last crew, the patches from her numerous missions and a featured spacewalk.

NASA provides us with detailed information about Challenger's accomplishments and the featured images in this tribute:

A tribute to space shuttle Challenger, or OV-099, hangs in Firing Room 4 of the Launch Control Center at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Challenger's accomplishments include:

  • The first night launch and first African-American in space, Guion Bluford, on STS-8;
  • The first in-flight capture, repair and redeployment of an orbiting satellite during STS-41C;
  • The first American woman in space, Sally Ride, on STS-7; and
  • The first American woman to walk in space, Kathryn Sullivan, during STS-41G.

Challenger is credited with blazing a trail for NASA's other orbiters with the first night landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California on STS-8 and the first landing at Kennedy on STS-41B.

The spacewalker in the tribute represents Challenger's role in the first spacewalk during STS-6 and the first untethered spacewalk on STS-41B.

Crew-designed patches for each of Challenger's missions lead from Earth toward a remembrance of the STS-51L crew, which was lost 73 seconds after liftoff on January 28, 1986.

Five orbiter tributes are on display in the firing room, representing Atlantis , Challenger , Columbia , Endeavour  and Discovery.

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NASA, NASA/Lynda Brammer. Public Domain.


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