Checkpoint Charlie Dismantled in Berlin

During the Cold War, Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie was one of the crossing points between West and East Berlin (and West and East Germany). It was operated by members of the U.S. military in the American Sector of the city.

Located by the Berlin Wall, which divided the German city during the Cold War, Checkpoint Charlie was at the junction of Friedrichstrasse with Zimmerstrasse and Mauerstrasse.

Checkpoint Charlie was dismantled on the 22nd of June, 1990, about seven months after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This photo, from the German Federal Archives, depicts its “last morning” (letzten Morgen).

In the presence of political celebrities, Peter Grimm captured this dismantled symbol of the Cold War as it “went into the air”—ging in die Luft—to use the archive’s description of the picture.

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Media Credits

Photo by Peter Grimm, taken on 22 June 1990. Bild (picture) 183-1990-0622-028. Online via German Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv); license CC-BY-SA 3.0


Cite as:  Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-1990-0622-028 / Grimm, Peer / CC-BY-SA 3.0


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