Children in War - Summary

Although national archives provide military accounts of World War I, the story of sacrifices on the home front are rarely told. What is it like for civilians, especially children, during the Great War?

 And what of World War II? During the Blitz, thousands of British school children are sent from London to the countryside. How does such a mass evacuation impact them and their families?

Food and energy shortages characterize both wars. What is it like to regularly buy food with ration cards? How much fuel can one purchase under a gas-ration program? Does a black market develop? What types of penalties apply to those who avoid government-imposed restrictions?

Uncounted numbers of children have to quit school to help support their families. Abandoning individual plans and education, in favor of helping out, becomes a way of life.

In this story about children in war, step back in time to see what life is like during World War I and World War II. Hear what becomes a common sound for British children: the air-raid siren. Discover why “the degree of restriction over an individual’s freedom seems incredible to us today.”

Examine propaganda posters which governments commission to influence citizens. Watch videos of children leaving, en masse, from London’s train stations. Hear audio interviews with children, and their teachers, as they leave the city with their class mates. See what it is like to live in the wake of the Blitz.

Learn how children help in the war effort. See how they collect scraps and grow “victory gardens.” Examine ration books, from various countries, and read the personal accounts of people forced to endure the trauma of war.


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