Clemency Request for Mary Surratt


Five members of the nine-man Military Commission signed a Clemency request for Mary Surratt on the same day - June 30, 1865 - that the tribunal reached its verdict:

The undersigned members of the Military Commission detailed to try Mary E. Surratt and others for the conspiracy and the murder of Abraham Lincoln, late President of the United States, do respectively pray the President in consideration of the sex and age of the said Mary E. Sarratt, if he can upon all the facts in the case, find it consistent with his sense of duty to the country to commute the sentence of death to imprisonment in the penitentiary for life.

The request for mercy was signed by:

Major General David Hunter - president of the Military Commission;

Brevet Major General August V. Kautz;

Brigadier General Robert S. Foster;

Brevet Brigadier General James A. Ekin; and

Brevet Colonel Charles H. Tompkins.

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Image online, courtesy the U.S. Library of Congress.


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