Cleveland Riots, 1966 - Hough Neighborhood

During the summer of 1966, racial tensions in Cleveland were causing many concerns, especially in the Hough neighborhood.  On the 18th of July, smoldering resentments boiled over, leading to one of the most serious and troubling times in the city's history. 

Riots lasted a week, before people in authority sought help from the National Guard. Four people died, dozens were injured, hundreds of fires burned and millions of dollars were spent to clean it all up.

This documentary, produced by Benjamin Davis and Lawrence Neil for National History Day 2008, covers the topic.  It especially focuses on Hough, where parts of The Soloist (a film starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr.) were filmed.

Move the video forward - to 4:54 - to get straight to the section on the riots.

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Video online, courtesy french5keeper's Channel at YouTube.


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