Clint Hill - "It's My Fault"

Clint Hill was Mrs. Kennedy's secret service agent on November 22, 1963.  During the assassination of President Kennedy, Hill was the only agent who raced to the presidential limousine to help the stricken leader and his wife.

This video clip is a compilation of a few interviews which Hill gave during the years following the death of the President.  During the most famous - conducted by Mike Wallace, of "60 Minutes," on December 8, 1975 - Hill becomes extremely emotional as he states it was "my fault" that JFK was struck by the fatal bullet.

Hill remained with Mrs. Kennedy and her two children - as their Secret Service protection - until after the 1964 presidential election.

Later, Mike Wallace wrote about the effect the Hill interview had on him:

I have never interviewed a more stricken and tormented man.  Hill's anguish was so acute, so visceral that I had to fight back the tears that were welling up inside of me.  And the effect on our viewers was just as overwhelming; as we learned from the flood of mail we received in response to that broadcast.  (Close Encounters, by Mike Wallace and Gary Paul Gates, page 201.)

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Compilation of Clint Hill interview segments, given between 1975-1995.  Clip begins with a short piece from the 11/22/93 "Today" interview with Sam Kinney (who was driving the car immediately behind JFK's limo).  Clint Hill was riding on the left-front running board of that vehicle.  Online, courtesy YouTube.


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