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A thriving culture likely flourished in Mesoamerica between 900-400 BC.  At that time, La Venta - in today's Mexico - may have had a population of around 20,000 people.

One of the interesting things about La Venta are the colossal heads which archeologists have found (and studied).  In Yucatan and Mayan Mexico, Nick Rider tells us that these heads may have been portraits:

...some experts think these heads were "portraits" of Olmec rulers, filtered to appear more jaguar-like, and shown wearing a kind of helmet believed to have been worn for the ball game.  (Rider, at page 419.)

Experts believe that La Venta was deliberately destroyed around 400-300 BC.

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Image by Mary Ann Sullivan.  Copyright, Mary Ann Sullivan, all rights reserved.  Permission granted by Professor Sullivan, of Bluffton College, to use this image for educational purposes.

Quote from Yucatan and Mayan Mexico, by Nick Rider, published in the UK, by New Holland Publishers, in 2002.  A Cadogan Guides Book.


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