Cortona - Under the Tuscan Sun

No one knows for sure when—or by whom—the Italian town of Cortona was originally founded, but it has been around for a very long time.

Historians believe it was once an Umbrian city which was conquered, then expanded, by the Etruscans. They called it “Curtun” and, in the 600s BC, Curtun joined the Etruscan League.

In the Roman era, the town was known as Corito. It was sacked and destroyed near the end of the Gothic War.

During medieval times, Cortona was a city-state. It had its own currency and, between 1324-1409, was ruled by the Ranieri-Casali family.

After Ladislaus of Naples conquered Cortona, in 1409, the town was sold to the Medici family in 1411.

Other periods of ownership, by other families, followed after the senior branch of the Medici family became extinct, around 1737.

By the time the Italian Wars of Independence were over, Cortona was part of the Kingdom of Italy.

Today it is part of Tuscany, an area of Italy where Florence is the regional capital.

This image provides a view of modern Cortona.

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