Coventry - Decimated by Nazi Bombs

Young children were trapped in the wreckage of Coventry, following a massive bombing by Germany during the evening/morning of November 14/15, 1940. Chaos had overwhelmed the city with thousands of people - including children - separated from their families.

It was horrifying to see the bodies of neighbors, cut in half. People weren't sure what would happen next.

The climax of the attack did not occur until six hours after it started. The orange tint of fire-filled skies could be seen for many miles, but still the planes dropped their bombs.

Recalling their stories decades later, then-children-now-adults have memories which remain fresh. The terror of the long night, and the total disruption which followed, has not left them.

Five hundred tons of high explosives and thirty thousand incendiary bombs had fallen on Coventry. When morning light revealed the extent of the city's devastation, its residents could not believe its transformation.

Shell-shocked people wandered around, not sure where they were going. Businesses were gone. Homes were blown-up. Lives - many, many lives - were shattered. The city's cathedral - a central gathering place for the town - was ruined.

Coventry's residents had undergone a collective nervous breakdown. In many cases, people remained speechless. Some believed that the "town itself had been killed."

Three-quarters of the businesses, in the city's center, were obliterated. Factories, significant to the war effort, were flattened.

High-ranking government officials began to worry whether the British population could continue to endure these types of vicious, relentless attacks.

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Clip from the BBC's Timewatch - "Blitz:  The Bombing of Coventry."  Copyright, BBC, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the program.


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