Crusaders - Building Siege Towers

Crusaders builr siege towers to penetrate the walls at Jerusalem

After they arrived at Jerusalem, during the First Crusade, the invaders could not penetrate the walls of Jerusalem.  They settled-in for a siege of the city, building siege towers to help with their objectives.

Gustave Dore imagined what it must have been like for the Crusaders to erect their siege towers.  He created this image for the Story of the Crusades by James P. Boyd.  While it depicts a different battle, during a later Crusade, the drawing gives us some idea of the materials the invaders may have used to construct their war machinery.

The engraving is image 66 (at page 329) of Boyd's book, where its caption is:

Crusaders' War Machinery

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Image described above, online courtesy Wikimedia Commons.



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