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Depicting detail from a black-figure hydria, this image shows Achilles as he bends-over the body of a now-deceased Hector. Fastening Hector’s remains to his chariot, Achilles plans to drag the body around the Greek camp. By mutilating Hector’s corpse, Achilles seeks revenge for the death of his close friend and relative, Patroclus (Patroklos).  The Athenian artifact was made by the Leagros Group and illustrated by the Antiope Painter, circa 510 B.C.  Online via Wikimedia Commons.


Because Hector had Achilles’ armor, Thetis (Achilles’ mother) gave her son a special shield and new armor to protect him in battle. Attempting to avenge the death of Patroclus, Achilles pursued Hector and engaged him in a one-on-one fight.

Despite valiant efforts, Hector lost. Desecrating the remains of his enemy, Achilles dragged Hector’s body behind his chariot, past the tomb of Patroclus.

Priam, Hector’s father, was inconsolable not only because his son was dead but because he could not give him a proper burial. Commanded by Zeus to ransom the body of his son, Priam and Hecuba (Hector’s mother) surreptitiously sought out Achilles, in the night, to beg for their son’s remains.

Giving up his human trophy, the Greek warrior himself did not have much longer to live.

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