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To deceive Germany about the actual “Overlord” plans for the Normandy Invasion, Allied planners created a subterfuge known as “Operation Bodyguard.” It included various landing points, which were given sub-operation names (such as “Fortitude North”), to attack German-occupied territory. This map image shows those bogus landing points. Map image by “Errant X.” Online via Wikimedia Commons. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.


As they put together "Operation Overlord," the Allies released false information about their real objectives. They hoped the Germans would believe the deception set forth in "Plan BODYGUARD."

Eisenhower and his generals also hoped to divert enemy attention from Normandy to the Pas De Calais area. If Hitler's forces believed the main assault would take place there, near the city closest to Britain, fewer German soldiers would be in place to defend the real landing spots.

The deception worked. Members of the Fuhrer's high command were so afraid to tell their boss about the Allied invasion that they waited until 10 a.m. to wake him on the morning of June 6th.

Meanwhile, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (a brilliant commander who earlier had troubles in Africa because Hitler would not allow him to evacuate his men) was so confident all was well that he'd traveled away from his troops to celebrate his wife's birthday. The new pair of shoes he gave her marked the last birthday present she ever received from him.

Long before June 6th of the following year, Rommel was dead by his own hand. His forced suicide had been ordered by Hitler.

Nothing Hitler could do, however, could save him or his regime. The Normandy assault marked the beginning of his final rout.

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