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David Sullivan Social Studies Disasters

David ("Sully") Sullivan was twenty-eight years old when he boarded the Andrea Gail for her late-season voyage in October of 1991.  He had a reputation as a good crewman:

Sully, as he's known, was mildly famous in town for having saved his entire crew one frigid January night.  His boat, the Harmony, was tied to another boat when she began to take on water out at sea.  Her crew started screaming for help but couldn't wake up the men on the other boat, so Sully jumped overboard and pulled himself across on a rope, legs dragging through the icy North Atlantic.  (Junger, The Perfect Storm, page 32.)

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Quoted passage from The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger, online courtesy Google Books.

Photo, online courtesy U.S. Coast Guard.


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