Deepwater Horizon on April 22, 2010

This photo depicts Deepwater Horizon during a monstrous explosion which occurred at the offshore oil rig on April 22, 2010. This was actually the final explosion—causing the rig’s demise—which followed earlier explosions on April 20, 2010.

Following the first explosion, 11 of 126 people aboard the rig were “missing and presumed dead.” The rig burned for about 36 hours before the final massive explosion took place.

The picture, by an unnamed photographer, was sent to “LTZ470" who posted it (and several others) at “Steve’s Digicams” on April 23, 2010.

LTZ470 tells us how he obtained the photo:

The shots are from various oilfield hands, boat capt’s and seaman aboard the vessels in the Gulf of Mexico...

Why did people send photos to LTZ470? Because his deceased brother was part of the crew who brought the rig from Korea (where it was built) to the States—and—because several of his brother’s friends were still part of Deepwater Horizon’s crew at the time the rig exploded:

... my oldest brother was with it from Korea to 2008 when he died of heart disease...the crew that got killed when it [the 2010 explosion] took place was my brothers crew...if my brother had still been alive he would have been there when this happened...

...These pictures were being sent to me by other oilfield workers that wanted to keep me updated...my younger brother was 30 miles away and watching it burn and sink...I was just posting them as I received them to allow others to see what an oilfield blowout looks like. This was a catastrophic failure and they had about 2 seconds to respond and it takes us that long to even think...it ignited and killed them or took all the oxygen away before they could get out...

...I work on these and have dealt with the high pressure that they were dealing with many times...it has happened to me several times that the wells would start blowing same as this, but never ignited and we got the well closed in with the Blowout Prevention Equipment and then brought it back under control...

Click on the image for a closer view.

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Original Release: Jan 10, 2016

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Media Credits

LTZ470 posted this photo, by an unnamed photographer, at Steve's Digicams. It depicts Deepwater Horizon following a second explosion which occurred on April 22, 2010. Public domain.


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