Deepwater Horizon on Fire and Disabled

This picture was taken after Deepwater Horizon's explosions (on April 20, 2010) but before the final massive explosion which caused the rig to sink on April 22, 2010. 

An oil-industry expert, who uses the name “LTZ240" at “Steve’s Digicams” website, posted this image. He tells us about the source of this picture, which was taken after the rig's initial explosions (on April 20, 2010) but before a final massive explosion caused the rig to sink (on April 22, 2010):

These pictures were being sent to me by other oilfield workers that wanted to keep me updated...my younger brother was 30 miles away and watching it burn and sink...I was just posting them as I received them to allow others to see what an oilfield blowout looks like. This was a catastrophic failure and they had about 2 seconds to respond and it takes us that long to even think...it ignited and killed them or took all the oxygen away before they could get out...

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Photo of the burning Deepwater Horizon, following its massive explosion on 20 April 2010 but before its fatal explosion on 22 April 2010, posted by LTZ240 at "Steve's Digicams." The picture was taken by an unnamed photographer who sent the image to LTZ240 "to keep me updated." Picture posted on 23 April 2010. No known copyright. 

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